About Us

TR Engineering Steel Construction Ltd. has been founded in 2014 in İzmir, embracing the highest quality where client expectations are met and the vitality of on-time delivery with competitive prices as its main principle. TR Engineering Steel Construction, which has been founded with 100% Turkish capital, has maintained its continuous growth owing to the quality that it has offered to its clients, close cooperation and human oriented policy.
TR Engineering Steel Construction Ltd. is a projects, engineering, production and assembly company which has been specializing on steel construction, industrial facilities and equipment since 2014.
Despite the fact that it is a medium-size enterprise, it has become renown in the steel industry owing to its care for quality from day one and its determination in overcoming difficulties –never abandoning these principles. Quality, service, on-time delivery and reasonable prices have always been the constant principles of our company. TR Engineering Steel Construction, which has been operating with the principles of honesty and quality in service is the key to success in production and a guarantee for continuity, would like to extend its thanks for your close attention and solidify that it will continue to be at your service today and tomorrow.